Importance of Motivation for 7th grade math students

Usually teachers feel perplexed over how to teach math to 7th grade students without losing their interest in the entire process of learning. Motivation is one such trick that can keep students involved in the process. Enthusiastic students can participate well in the classroom activities and the learning process becomes all the more compelling and productive.
Motivation among students and encouraging them to be enthusiastic is amongst the few most important aspects of teaching math. Teachers need to focus attention on those students that are less interested in the whole process. In this entry, we are presenting some techniques that have been based upon extrinsic and intrinsic models of motivation for enhancing motivation among students.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Firstly, it is important to understand what is meant by extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation involves those rewards that are tangible and visible such as gifts for good performers or preventing punishments. Whereas intrinsic motivation involves intangible goals related to ego and desires such as the goal of impressing and outshine others. 

Tactics for Enhancing Motivation among Students

1. Address the Void in Students' Information
Teachers need to create awareness among students regarding pointing out any missing points and void in the knowledge they are receiving. For example, you can come up with exercises that are simple and relatable by covering everyday life situations.
2. Strive for Progressive Achievement
Initiating of logical sequence of theories and concepts must be observed. It is different from the above mentioned method since it depends upon the students urge to increase and improve their knowledge. One instance would be teaching kids sequentially about how special quadrilateral proceed from one level to another according to their properties.
3. Realizing a Pattern
To set up an artificial situation that compels students to discover a pattern which encourages motivation. Students naturally will feel pleasure in finding and then retaining an idea.
4. Create challenging Situations
Challenging students’ intellectual level is very rewarding technique because challenges allow them to react with enthusiasm. Extreme care should be taken while selecting that challenge so that a problem at hand leads to reach a productive conclusion.
5. Specify the Effectiveness of a Topic
Practical implementation of promoting genuine interest in the classroom whenever a new lesson starts should be the priority of teachers. For instance, in geometry course you can ask students to find the diameter or a plate after teaching them about measuring a semicircle. You need to select brief and uncomplicated applications for motivating instead of detracting from the lesson. 
6. Use Entertaining Methods
You can use a variety of recreational methods such as games, puzzles, activities and paradoxes to retrieve your desired motivational gains. However, simplicity and briefness of these devices should be observed while making the selection.
7. Convey a Relevant Story
You can teach math through telling the story of any relevant historical event such as that of building the Brooklyn Bridge. However, it is advised that teachers should not rush the story because a hurried presentation always reduces the outcomes of the strategy.

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