Importance of Using Innovative new Techniques for teaching Math

Math tends to be a scary subject for kids especially young ones. Unless your kid is naturally good in calculations and numbers, majority of first to seventh grade students find math difficult. So, if you are a math teacher, the biggest challenge is to help students grasp the concept clearly. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to make math learning an entertaining and interesting process.
It is easier to state that teachers must make math interesting but it is definitely a very difficult task. If the students find math boring it will obviously be difficult for them to learn. You as a teacher need to help them overcome their hesitation and fear towards numbers and make the learning process interesting. This is very important to overcome the challenge of teaching math.

In some situations it is better to revive the students’ memory about previously learned concepts before they start learning about a new one. For instance, if you need to teach them fractions then it is advised that you ask students to share their knowledge over addition, multiplication and division. Refreshing their memory will set the stage for new information and also will help them connect the dots.  In short, taking students to one step back for informing them about a new concept/principle of math is a good strategy.
Majority of students love audio-visual techniques of teaching. When they are able to relate to something either by listening or seeing, the process of learning becomes very productive. Numbers, for example, are abstract concept, but if you use a visual aid then this will become easier for them to learn. There are so many props available nowadays for teaching math that sometimes choosing the best one becomes difficult. Therefore, it is a good technique to use audio or visual aids while teaching math.

Make math lessons fun by involving students into different kind of games. It is important because when you actually play with them, the interaction level becomes higher and students are able to form a relation to their teacher. Through mere lectures and verbally transferred information you cannot compel kids to learn whatever you are teaching. On the other hand, utilizing the classroom time in fun games and informative outdoor activity sessions will prove beneficial.

It is always a good tactic to think out of the box instead of sticking to the curriculum religiously. Although sticking to the curriculum makes the job of a teacher very easy but it makes the learning process boring and monotonous. Experimentation with teaching techniques and coming up with spontaneous options after checking out the mood of students shows the caliber of a teacher. You need to understand the environment of the class and then come up with probable methods of teaching. Generate teaching techniques that are according to your style or teaching, personality and also the overall nature of the students.
Lastly, to become a good teacher, you must have the passion. Without passion for teaching math, you cannot achieve the desired results. You need to be creative and dedicated. You may not always be rewarded or recognized for your efforts but from within you will be satisfied that the job has been done commendably. By becoming a good teacher, you will be able to make a lot of difference in the lives and future of your students.

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