Online math games - a great tool

Online learning games help students of all ages in developing new skills, enhance their understanding of school curriculum and grip difficult concepts. These games are readily available online and kids find these interactive games very engaging. Therefore, it can be stated that online math games are very useful for teaching math especially to pre-school and kindergarten kids.

How kids learn while playing?

It is a natural habit that kids prefer playing games over learning specifically if you are teaching young kids. This is why online math games were introduced so that kids can spend their time in an entertaining way while they manage to learn key mathematical concepts. Using their love for playfulness can be really helpful and make the learning process easy, effective and interesting.
Online math games or learning games improve skills as well as allow kids spend some fun-filled time instead of getting bored while writing on worksheets. Computers are now an indispensable part of every institution and the power of information technology can be used for accomplishing positive learning outcomes. As kids move ahead in the game from one colorful level to another, they grasp important mathematical rules, concepts and principles. They are actually building and developing their navigational skills as well as counting skills through online math games. These skills will pay a part at advanced stages when they will be introduced to complex concepts like addition, subtraction and division, etc.

How to improve mathematical proficiency of struggling students?

If a student is struggling in the traditional learning environment of the classroom then teachers will find online math learning games extremely beneficial. These games provide an interactive platform and a fun way to practice math without any restriction and fear of failure and embarrassment. Through these games, students gain confidence and easily grasp those concepts which are otherwise difficult to understand. Confidence, undoubtedly, plays a vital role in improving the performance of students at every stage of academic journey irrespective of their age.

Online games cater individuality

Unlike conventional school curriculums that cannot be updated or upgraded, digital learning games can be developed and updated according to your kid’s pace. Majority of these games feature levels that can be reached after crossing a particular threshold and in many games, the levels are built upon each other. This is why your child who finds classroom lessons boring or uninspiring will learn the concepts easily through these games.  As the game proceeds, the level becomes difficult and a new mathematics concept is introduced to the child. This implement custom learning environment, which basically caters to making your child comfortable with the lesson and grasp the ideas.
Without the fear of being left behind in the class or boredom, students can move on and work at a speed which they prefer. This means, they are able to learn new ideas according to their stamina and mental caliber. It is a fact that not all students can share equal mental standing and alertness, which is why individual attention becomes important. Through math games and interactive learning exercises available online, you can help the child study without any pressure.

Fun Games for Math Practice

This exercise will help kids practice Math in a fun way. Kids related to games very well. This page contains links to the following preschool math games, kindergarten math games| First 1st grade math games | Second 2nd grade math games | Third 3rd grade math games | Fourth 4th grade math games | Fifth 5th grade math games | sixth 6th grade math games | Seventh 7th grade math games & Eight 8th grade math games. There are games for the following topics:

The games include among other : memory games, Walk the plank, Fling the Teacher, En Garde Duel, Basketball Game, Penalty Shoot and more.

Math Worksheets & Printables

These worksheets are printable PDF exercises of the highest quality. Writing reinforces Maths learnt. These worksheets are from preschool, kindergarten to 6th grade levels of maths. The following topics are covered among others:

Math Video Lessons

Ever wondered how to teach maths to kids as a teacher or parent? Simply let them watch our vividly presented videos. These videos cover a number of math topics and simply teach the lesson. The good thing is that they are videos which means they can be watched over and over again. We even have ipod compatible videos along these topics : Lessons to teach Addition, subtraction, Geometry, Comparison, Algebra, Shapes, Time, Fractions, Decimals, Sequence, Division, Metric system, Logarithms, ratios, probability, multiplication, Roman numerals,intergers, money, mixed operations, telling time, spatial sense, comparisons, percents, number lines, numbers, counting and more>>>

Math Quizzes and Online Tests

If you are a teacher or parent who goes to the web for interactive quizzes with search ideas in mind like : maths for kids, then you are at the right stop. We offer Math Quizzes online on - Addition, subtraction, Geometry, Comparison, Algebra, Shapes, Time, Fractions, Decimals, Sequence, Division, Metric system, Logarithms, ratios, probability, multiplication, Roman numerals

These quizzes range from multiple choice math quizzes, gap fill quizzes, matching exercises, hotspot quizzes with graphics and more for interactive math practice.

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