Teaching math to Kindergarten Kids:

Teaching kids at initial stages of their academic journey such as kindergarten is a tough task. Kids can be very irrational and disinterested because they find games and outdoor activities more enjoyable. Most specifically, mathematics is a subject which requires full concentration and attention and teachers need to be very tactful while teaching this subject. If proper mechanism and strategies are adopted for teaching mathematics to kindergarten students the outcome will be very rewarding. Some of the techniques are as follows:

How to teach mathematics

Teaching mathematical concepts to kindergarten students needs a lot more than merely handing over workbooks and worksheets. It is important to offer children experiences which help them understand the basic concepts behind mathematical principles. Making observations via experiences will enhancing the quality of information received and allow them to further investigate any topic. They need to learn and assimilate concepts at their own pace and may frequently repeat a task to solve it in a better manner.

How kids learn math

1. Through actual materials
Real and tangible stuff like play-dough and straws can be very helpful while teaching mathematics to Kindergarten kids. Psychologically considering, kids learn rapidly when they use physical objects like blocks, popsicle sticks, counters, and pencils, etc. Therefore, to enlighten kids about abstract concepts, you need to utilize concrete materials. They can easily connect with mathematics symbols and expressions along with numbers when they have stuff resembling these in their hands.
2. Patience is the key

It is very important to be patient with kids while teaching mathematics concepts. Kids require plenty of time to properly grasp the concepts of math and guided math activities can play a constructive role in this context.
3. Choose eloquent vocabulary
Kids need to connect mathematical concepts with their routine experiences of everyday life. If we merge real-life activities with math oriented concepts and use target specific vocabulary they kids will learn faster.

Tips to remember:

First thing a teacher of kindergarten math should remember is to begin with shorter phases of structured activities and gradually increase it.
Form small groups of kids comprising of no more than ten children and involve them in math structured as well as unstructured activities. Unstructured activities involve exploratory games and acts. They also must be given time for evaluating and grasping their observations.
Frequent changes in grouping of kids will help them in socializing and learn different concepts and vocabulary from each other.
Change the physical objects once you feel that kids are losing interest. Never inform kids about more than one concept at a time. They need to learn one concept properly and adequately before progressing towards newer aspects.
Lastly, you need to train the students regarding caring about classroom materials and objects. They must understand that protecting class equipment is their responsibility. Keep adding new equipment and objects to the classroom so that their knowledge base gets expanded.

If teachers utilize these tips and strategies then teaching math can become entertaining, fun-filled and engaging for kindergarten students.



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