Math Games & Fun Exercises for First Grade

There are lots of fun math games for first grade and kindergarten here. Learning math must not be boring. These games provide fun practice which appeals to kids. Parents and teachers need to help kids play this game. Follow the links below to access games by levels. Fun Games offered: Penalty Shooting Game, Basketball Game, Fling the teacher, En Garde Duel Game, Memory Game, Walk the plank.The En Garde Duel Games can be a bit violent for some cultures so judge if you think it is worth using.

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Addition word problems - sea pirates

Comparisons - rally car race game

Number serious up to 100 - moon shoot game

Number families - moon shoot game

Number word applications - moon shoot game

Ordinal numbers - catapult game

Place value - rally game

Roman numerals - sea pirates game

Subtraction of numbers - catapult game

Subtraction word problems - catapult game

Addition Football Game - Penalty shoot game

Addition click map Game

Addition Grade or no Grade Game

Addition Walk the Plank Game

Addition Memory Game - Memory Game

Addition snakes and ladders game - For first graders

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Snakes and ladders addition game - For first grade

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Addition Fling the Teacher game

Growing patterns click map game

Location of objects in a 3 by 3 grid - click map game

Spelling numbers from 1 to 10 - elephant click map game

Geometry - Shapes- Circle / sphere puzzle

Geometry - Hexagon - For first graders

Geometry - square shape - puzzle game for first grade

Triangle shape - Puzzle for first grade

Counting in twos basketball game

Counting in twos walk the plank game

Counting in twos basketball game

Counting in twos fling the teacher game

Counting in twos football game

Counting in twos Grade game

Numbers above ten basketball game

Numbers above ten en garde duel game

Numbers above ten fling the teacher game

Numbers above ten football game

Numbers above ten Grade or no Grade Game

Numbers above ten walk the plank game

Even or Odd numbers basketball game

Even or Odd numbers fling the teacher game

Even or Odd numbers football game

Even or Odd numbers Grade or No Grade game

Even or Odd numbers Walk the Plank game

Number line basketball game

Number line Fling the teacher game

Number line Football game

Number line Grade Game

Number line Walk the Plank game

Fractions En garde game

Fractions Fling the Teacher game

Fractions Football game

Fractions Grade or no Grade game

Fractions Walk the Plank game

Mixed Math Operations - Basketball Game

Mixed Math Operations - En Garde Duel Game

Mixed Math Operations - Grade or no Grade Game

Mixed Math Operations - MCQ Game

Mixed Math Operations - Walk the Plank Game

Subtractions - En Garde Duel Game

Subtractions - Basketball Game

Subtractions - Football Game

Subtractions - Grade or no Grade Game

Subtractions - Walk the plank

Statistics basketball Game

Statistics grade or no grade Game

Telling Time - Walk the Plank Game

Addition Game- Fling the teacher game

Statistics game for first graders, Mean - Median and Mode

Money - Price list for first graders

Money - Basketball Game

Money - Football Game

Money - Grade or no Grade Game

Money - Walk the Plank Game

Number rearrangement Game- Arrange in order- walk the plank game

Spatial sense and directions Football game for first graders

Spatial sense and directions walk the plank game for first graders

Spatial sense and directions en garde game for first graders

Comparisons Game- En Garde Duel Game

Comparisons Football Game

Comparisons Grade or no Grade Game

Comparisons Hoopshoot basketball Game

Comparisons walk the Plank Game

Geometry Game- Fing the teacher game

Missing Number Game -Penalty shoot game

Subtraction Game 1 -10- En gard duel game

Subtraction Game 1 - 10 - Fling the teacher game

Subtraction Game - Basketball game

Subtraction Game - Fling the teacher

Telling the time game - memory game

Number Spelling Game - Memory Game

Number Spelling Game - Walk the plank game

Basketball games for first grade math

Comparisons basketball game

Counting basketball game:


Sets basketball game

Sets football game

Sets grade game

Sets Walk the Plank Game

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Fun Games for Math Practice

This exercise will help kids practice Math in a fun way. Kids related to games very well. From preschool / kindergarten, first grade to sixth graders levels of math games. There are games for the following topics:

The games include among other : memory games, Walk the plank, Fling the Teacher, En Garde Duel, Basketball Game, Penalty Shoot and more.

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